Privacy Policy

Okazaki Manufacturing Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) promotes the protection of personal information by specifying our Personal Information Protection Policy, establishing the personal information protection system and making all of our employees thoroughly understand the importance of personal information protection and of making an effort in this regard.

Management of Personal Information

"The company strictly manages personal information by taking necessary safety measures such as security system retainment, management system improvement, and employee education, etc. to keep customers’ personal information correct and up-to-date and prevent illegal access/loss/destruction/falsification/leakage, etc."

Purposes of our Use of Personal Information

The company uses the personal information received from customers to send e-mails and materials when the Company makes a contact, sends business information, and replies to the questions provided by the customers.

Prohibition of Disclosing/Providing Personal Information to Third Party

The company appropriately manages personal information received from customers and does not disclose the personal information to a third party except where any of the following applies.

  • When customer consent has been obtained.
  • When the company discloses the personal information to a service provider that the company outsources the service which the customer desires to receive.
  • When it is required to disclose the personal information based on laws and regulations

Safety Measures for Personal Information

The company takes all possible measures in order to secure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Reference by Customer

When a customer requests to refer to/modify/delete his/her personal information, the company first confirms the identity of the customer and then responds to the request.

Observation and Review of Laws/Regulations and Criteria

The company observes Japanese laws, regulations, and other criteria applying to personal information retained by the company, reviews the detail of this policy, and endeavors to improve it as needed.


Please contact the following for inquiries about our policy of the Treatment of Personal Information.

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