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Resistance Thermometer Sensors

What is the impact when the insulation resistance of a resistance thermometer sensor decreases?

When resistance thermometer sensors are used at sites, their insulation resistance may decrease because of the impact of the installation place, degradation of insulators due to aging, humidity invasion during manufacturing, etc. In many cases, thermocouples can be used without any problems; however, what is the actual impact? Also, what is the allowable decrease in insulation resistance?

For details, please see the PDF file in FAQ of Temperature Measurement 100. The result of calculation with the calculation formula shown in the material is described below. In the same way as the thermocouples, if there is an insulation resistance of some hundreds of kΩ, a large error will not be generated.

Insulation Resistance - Error Calculation Example Insulation Resistance - Error Calculation Example Image Here, RI: Insulation Resistance, Rt: Reference Resistance, Rx: Calculated Resistance

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