Two-wire Temperature Transmitters

2 wire Temperature Transmitter

Since two-wire transmitters whose power source is current signals from the transmitters do not require power source wiring, they have been adopted to differential pressure transmitters initially with a diffusion of 4 - 20 mA standardized signals, and currently, they are adopted to most measuring systems. Although the diffusion of temperature transmitters is delayed in Japan, transmitters are mounted or connected to most temperature sensors in Europe and the United States.

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IPAQ-H and Meso-H are 2-wire temperature transmitters which can be mounted to terminal boxes of temperature sensors. MESO-H are fully HART® protocol -compatible specification, therrefore it can communicate through the 4-20 mA output loop, by using either a general hand-held HART® Communicator or PC software, MEPRO 2.
The use setting is programmed according to easy-to-use Windows configuration software (English version) . With this software, users can select an arbitrary one from various resistance thermometer sensors and thermocouples and set an arbitrary span. Since the transmitters are designed to be extremely small, they also can be attached to generally used small EL type terminal boxes. In addition, we also have models which is compliance with respective standards in domestic and overseas Explosion / Flameproof temperature sensors and can be used in all industrial fields such as petrochemistry. We can support ATEX/EExdⅡC T6 for Europe and Class Ⅰ Div1. Gr. A, B, C&D or Class Ⅱ/Ⅲ. Div1. Gr. E, F&G for U.S.A.Also we have intrinsic safety explosion-proof types of IPAQ-HX and Meso-HX (EEX ia ⅡC T4-T6 not supported domestically).

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  • 1.Can be mounted to small EL type terminal boxes.

  • 2.One transmitter supports all ranges; easy process design and less spares.

  • 3.The smart sense function detects insulation resistance. In this case, one wire for detection is required within a sheath in addition to the sensor.

  • 4.With Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) CE marking

  • 5.HART® protocol full compatible (Only Meso-H and HX supported)

  • 6.Various setting values can be set/changed online with the general purpose HART® Communicator or Windows (in English) PC. (Only Meso-H and HX supported)


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Product Catalog

Temperature Transmitter Catalog

Catalog No.: OMC-7011


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