New Fan Tip Heat Shield

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Pipe surface temperature sensors are widely used in applications such as the heating furnaces of oil refining plants. However, the conventional fan tip is welded directly to the pipe, so the fan tip must be welded to the pipe again when the temperature sensor is replaced.
New fan tips are also welded to the pipe. However, the sheath and tip can be attached without welding them together, so it is possible to replace only the sheath.
What's more, we have confirmed through in-house tests that this product exhibits performance equivalent to conventional fan tips while eliminating the need to perform welding when replacing the temperature sensor.
This structure makes it easy to replace temperature sensors.


In-house Test

Attach the thermocouples of the surface temperature sensor to a stainless steel box.
Keep the stainless steel box at a temperature of approximately 500℃, raise the ambient temperature to close to 800℃, and then measure each thermocouple.

In-house Test Image

Test Results

Standard and test items Measured temperature(℃) Tolerance(℃)
ø0.5 ref. thermocouple 503 N/A
New fan tip heat shield 507 4
Non-grounded sheath 530 27

Installation Guide

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New Fan Tip Heat Shield Image

Product Catalog

New Fan Tip Heat Shield Catalog

Catalog No.: OMC-8020E


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