Super Fine Sheathed Thermocouples


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The super fine sheathed thermocouples have a sheath diameter of φ0.08 mm, the smallest diameter in the world, and whose response time is 1 ms or less. Since it can be bent freely at any angle, accurate and quick temperature measurement of small targets at extremely narrow places is possible. We also have products of φ0.10, φ0.15, and φ0.25.


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Types of Thermocouples K
Number of Element Wires Single element
Measuring Junction

U (#9) non-ground type

Sheath Material NCF600 (Inconel 600 equivalent)
Class 2(JIS C1605-'95)
Types of Compensating Cables EXD-SS (for general), EXS-3 (for heat-resistance: PFA or FEP coated)
Withstand Voltage 32 V DC (sheath diameter: φ0.25, φ0.5)

Electrical and Physical Characteristics

Sheath Outer Diameter (mm) φ0.08 φ0.1 φ0.15 φ0.25 φ0.5
Electrical Characteristics Insulation Resistance Value 1MΩ/3VDC 5MΩ/25VDC
Physical Characteristics Response(63.2%)*3 1 ms or less Approx. 1 ms 2ms 4ms 16ms
Others Manufacturing Length (mm) 300*1 300*1 500*1 Free
Usable Temperature Range(℃)*2 400 400 400 500 600
Standard Testing Temperature(℃) 100 300
  • *1:

    We cannot recommend a long length since a longer length has a bigger roundtrip resistance value, which is a factor in measuring errors.

  • *2:

    For a short time (disposable), up to approx. 1,000℃ can be measured.

  • *3:

    Normal temperature to 100℃ of boiling water

  • The response speeds have been described referring to testing based on our experiment, calculated values, etc.; therefore, they are not guaranteed values.
    (The standard one has a bigger sheath tip than others. If you desire one with the same diameter, contact us in advance.)


Super Fine Sheath Thermocouple Catalog Image

Product Catalog

Our Catalog of Super Fine Sheathed Thermocouples

Catalog No.: OMC-8014


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