Sheathed Thermocouples for High Temperature


HOSKINS2300®/SC1000H & type N sheathed thermocouples for high temperature are premium types K & N sheathed thermocouples with excellent durability and stability in a high temperature environment at over 1,000℃.
They achieve a large cost reduction for high temperature measurement, for which we have had no choice but to select highly-priced platinum thermocouples. We recommend you to adopt these types of our thermocouples.
We have concluded a license agreement of manufacturing and selling HOSKINS2300® MI cables with a company in the U.S.A. to acquire a manufacturing/selling right exclusive in the world (non-exclusive only in U.S.A.). “2300” indicates that the product can be used at 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit (1,260℃).


  • 1.Excellent Durability and Stability

    Since we have adopted a special alloy for the metal sheath material, a firm oxide film is maded on the metal surface at high temperature, and the alloy evolves to a self-protective alloy. As a result, the sheath’s high temperature oxidizing and degradation are alleviated, the penetration of externally attacking substances is prevented, and the degregation of the element is suppressed so that stable output can be obtained.

  • 2.Longer Product Life

    Expected product life is multiple times longer than that of the conventional stainless sheath and Inconel sheath in an environment of the same conditions.

■ Sheath Appearance Photo after Heating Durability Testing at 1,250℃ for 2,000 hours

Sheath outer diameter image HOSKIN2300®
Sheath Outer Diameter of φ8.0

Sheath outer diameter image Left: SC1000H
Right: SC1000N
Sheath Outer Diameter of φ3.2

■ Oxidizing Testing

Cross Section Particle Boundary
Photo on Non-heating

HOSKINS2300 image HOSKINS2300


Cross Section Particle Boundary
Photo on Heating at 1,000℃ for 2,000 Hours

HOSKINS2300 image HOSKINS2300



Sheath Outer Diameter (mm) φ0.25 φ0.5 φ1.0 φ1.6 φ3.2 φ4.8 φ6.4 φ8.0
Max. Use Temperatur(℃) HOSKINS2300® - - 1000 1100 1200 1260 1260 1260
SC1000H 700 900 900 1000 1000 - - -
SC1000N - - - 800 900 1050 1050 1050
※ Stainless (reference) 500 600 650 650 750 800 800 900
Element K (Single) K/N (only 2300 for N)*3 (Single/double)*4
Tolerance ASTM E230 SP, STD/IEC, JIS 1/2

* The standard is based on the normal limit of JIS C1605-1995. However, the sheath material diameter of φ0.25 and φ0.5 is equivalent to the material of NCF600.
The max. use temperature values here are described based on published documents, internal testing, etc. ; therefore, they are not guaranteed values.
*3 We have the NCF600 sheath inventory for the N type for NADCAP. Please contact us. (There is an explanation at the bottom.)
*4 We do not have (double) of all the kinds of elements in the inventory. Please contact us.

High Temperature Testing Result

Reference Appearance Diagram Image

Reference Appearance Diagram Image

Reference Appearance Diagram Image

[Usage Notes]
As a feature of the sheathed thermocouples for high temperature, the alloy evolves to a self-protective alloy when it is used at high temperature, however, if they are bent after use, the oxide film generated on the sheath surface may be broken, and the sheath may be damaged. When they are bent before use, do not bend them ten times of the sheath outer diameter or more and repeatedly at the same place. In addition, since the Aℓ component is extracted to the surface and the sheath becomes fragile at high temperature/vacuum environments, if sheathed thermocouples are bent after use, they may be damaged.

We have other special sheathed thermocouples which can be used at a super high temperature of 2,000℃. The atmosphere where the products can be used is limited; however, we have adopted WRe (tungsten-rhenium) special material for thermocouple elements and used Ta (tantalum) and Mo (molybdenum), which are high-melting metals for the sheath material so that we can use the products at a super high temperature. Note that we cannot support some products depending on the combination of the sheath outer diameter, sheath material, insulator, etc. The ARi Industries Inc. , our group company, manufactures the products. For details, please visit the Web site of the ARi Industires Inc. In the U.S.A.

“Explanation on NADCAP”

NADCAP is “National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program” and is translated as “International Special Process Certification System” or “International Special Process Certification Program” in Japan. It is an audit/certification program for quality assurance and special processes which has been developed by PRI (Performance Review Institute), starting operation in 1990 with participation and management by Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, GE and other prime airplane and engine manufacturing companies.
To receive this certification, the requirements for high temperature measurement described in AMS2750Emust be satisfied. AMS is Aerospace Material Specification, which has been established as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standards (international standards in the land transportation/aerospace equipment fields).
We can supply thermocouples which satisfy the requirements described in AMS2750E.


Sheathed Thermocouples for High Temperature Image

Product Catalog

Sheathed Thermocouples for High Temperature Catalog

Catalog No.: OMC-8007


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