Cryogenic Temperature Sensors


Our cryogenic temperature sensors are used in various fields such as aerospace, medical, and semiconductor equipment.Based on our experience and technology, we offer products that best suit our customers' operating environment and applications.

Vibration-resistant platinum resistance thermometer

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Ideal for use in environments subject to vibrations and shocks.

  • Applying technology developed in temperature sensors for use in space
  • Tightly wound platinum resistance wires for superior vibration resistance


Resistance 500Ω/1000Ω/2000Ω at 273K (mounted type only)
Temperature range 4K to 373K
Temperature vs Resistance table Supplied with each individual sensor
(4-point calibration; 4K, 90K, 273K, or 373K)
Measuring current 0.1 to 1mA
Element dimensions φ1.5 × 18mm (sheath type); W4.6 × D12 × H1.3 (surface-mounted type)
Applications Temperature measurement for liquid hydrogen tanks and piping systems,satellite equipment, etc.

Platinum cobalt resistance thermometer

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A single platinum cobalt resistance thermometer can cover the whole temperature range from 1.4K to 300K and compatible with well established reference tables at 4.2K or higher.
The shape and material of the protection tube and cable can be customized as desired for use in various environments.


Resistance 100Ω/1000Ω at 273K
Temperature range 1.4K to 300K (Calibration down to 1.5K, Temperature vs Resistance table shall be supplied for temperatures at 4K and below)
Tolerance ±0.5K at 4K to 40K / ±1K at 273K
Measuring current 0.1 to 1mA
Element dimensions φ1.4 × 12mm
Applications Temperature measurement for MRIs, GM refrigerators, etc.
Hazardous area certification Intrinsically safe certification available for Model R202(Notified body:CML)

Reference Appearance Diagram

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Type E sheathed thermocouple

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Sheathed thermocouples offer superior responsiveness, easy installation and a choice of hazardous area certification for various uses. Suitable for measuring the temperature inside tanks of commercial facilities.


Element Type E
Temperature range 20K to 313K
Sheath diameter φ1.0, φ1.6
Tolerance ±2.5K at 106K to 313K /
±0.015 | t-273.15 | K at 20K to 106K
Applications Temperature measurement for liquid hydrogen tanks and piping systems, etc.
Hazardous area certification Explosion/Flame Proof, Intrinsically Safe


The main options are listed below. Contact us for more information.

Customization Various shapes and materials available for the measuring part, process connection, sensor construction (MI cable type) etc.; hazardous area certification; material change of lead wire etc.
Temperature testing Addition of calibration temperature points, creation of temperature vs resistance table
(We have a JCSS accredited calibration room in compliance with international MRA)
Temperature transmitter Configuring the transmitter with Temperature vs Resistance table
Maintenance Periodic temperature calibration (for checking temperature readings)


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Product Catalog

Cryogenic Temperature Sensor Catalog

Catalog No.: OMC-8008


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