AEROHEAT® is a long-life electric heater, developed based on our superior manufacturing technology of MI cables.

AEROHEAT® Product Image

Example image of a hot plate heater installation Example of hot plate
heater installation

Example image of a heater with ceramic airtight terminals Example of a heater
with ceramic airtight terminals

Micro heater with a non-heat generating part image Micro heater with
an un-heated part


  • By arranging a set of multiple panel heaters (panel heater sample shown in the picture below), precise temperature contral can be achieved even with large glass substrates over Generation 8.
  • Platen heaters which are essential for semiconductor production equipment and provides fast heatup and surerior surface temperature uniformity.
  • With the use of ceramic terminals, it is possible to be connected to a power source in vacuum atmosphere.



Product Catalog


Catalog No.: OMC-7006


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