Special Specification Products

  • New Fan Tip Heat Shield

    Pipe surface temperature sensors are widely used in applications such as the heating furnaces of oil refining plants. However, the conventional fan tip is welded directly to the pipe, so the fan tip must be welded to the pipe again when the temperature sensor is replaced.
    New fan tips are also welded to the pipe. However, the sheath and tip can be attached without welding them together, so it is possible to replace only the sheath.

  • Super Fine Sheathed Thermocouples

    The Sheath outer diameter of our super fine sheathed thermocouples is φ0.08 mm, the finest in the world, and the response time is 1 ms or less! Since it can be bent freely at any angle, accurate and quick temperature measurement of small targets in extremely narrow places is possible. We also have products of φ0.10, φ0.15, and φ0.25. The enlarged X-ray photo below shows a product of the sheath outer diameter of φ0.15.

  • Cryogenic Temperature Sensors

    Our sensor allows measuring cryogenic zone of -200°C or lower with high precision and has almost no impact even in an environment where a magnetic field occurs such as medical sites. In addition, we can supply high-precision platinum resistance thermometer sensors applied for consumer use, developed by our technology of temperature sensors for aerospace.

  • Sheathed Thermocouples for High Temperature

    They are premium versions of types K & N sheathed thermocouples with excellent durability and stability under a high temperature environment over 1,000°C. They achieve a large cost reduction for high temperature measurement, for which we have had no choice but to select highly-priced platinum thermocouples.

  • Resin Molded Sleeve Type Sheathed Thermocouples

    Using the MI cables manufactured in our own factory, we adopt the sheathed thermocouples which satisfy not only the requirements for measuring errors but also the requirements specified in “Aerospace Material Specifications AMS2750” for lot length and errors at both ends of the lots of the measuring apparatus which have traceability for NIST or equivalent national standardizing organizations.

  • Temperature Sensors with Push-pull Connectors

    Adopting the latching system which allows attachment/detachment for only one second greatly saves time, and the sensor shows the true value in all fields with its robustness, lightness, and safety. With the push-pull type self-latching system, simply inserting the plug allows firm locking.

  • Easy Sensors (Small and Light Platinum Resistance Thermometer Sensors)

    Easy Sensors are a new type of platinum resistance thermometer sensors whose cost is low and quality is high because of its structure designed as simple as possible. Since it is water-proof, it is optimum for measuring the temperature of water and oil, in an environment with high temperature/humidity, various surface temperatures, etc.

  • Small Diameter Fluororesin Coated Mold Type Thermocouples

    This is a thermocouple where a thermocouple wire of a small diameter is coated with fluororesin for insulation and further covered by a sheath. We have the type of the temperature measuring junction exposed and the type of fluororesin or silicone rubber insulated. This product has the smallest sheath outer diameter in the world and is optimum for measuiring temperature in a narrow place.

  • Explosion/Flame Proof Temperature Sensors

    Hydrogen powder dust explosion proof and flame proof temperature sensors which conform to explosion proof standards of Japan, Europe, U.S.A., Canada, China, Korea, Russia, and Kazakhstan, and IECEx.

  • Explosion/Flame Proof Nipple Type Temperature Sensors

    Nipple type temperature sensors which have passed the pressure resistance/explosion proof certification only with the temperature sensor part without a terminal box attached. They support the type of fixed sheath as well as the spring type.

  • Temperature Sensors for Semiconductors & Vacuum Devices

    They are the temperature sensors of high importance, which are used to manage temperature for various manufacturing processes of semiconductors. We can supply products which respond to various needs such as profile temperature sensors for diffusion furnaces, other temperature sensors for the temperature measurement at 1000°C or higher, and sensors for the temperature control of clean rooms.

  • Temperature Sensors for Food & Medical Applications

    Since most products for food and medical applications directly relate to the health and lives of people, their quality is strictly specified to be “clean and sanitary” in the Food Sanitation Act and Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. For the temperature sensors which are used in manufacturing processes, “sanitary design is a mandatory condition in order to retain a clean manufacturing enviroment without foreign substances and a microbiologically clean status. Since our sanitary-specified temperature sensors have high quality and have been designed sufficiently taking this condition into account, you can use them securely.

  • Two-wire Temperature Transmitter

    Since two-wire transmitters whose power source is current signals from the transmitters do not require power source wiring, they have been adopted to differential pressure transmitters initially with a diffusion of 4 - 20 mA standardized signals, and currently they are adopted to most measuring systems.


    AEROHEAT® is a heater, which has been developed based on our MI cable manufacturing technology, has a long product life and suitable for usage in a vacuum.


    This product is a small diameter sheathed heater manufactured with inorganic insulators packed in metal pipes. They are used in various fields. In recent years, they have been used widely for fuel batteries, vacuum devices, analysis measuring devices, and others. Our heaters have better heat resistance and longer product life than conventional heaters since we have utilized our MI cable manufacturing technology and improved insulators. In addition, heaters by ARi Induscties, Inc. (U.S.A.), our associated company, have been evaluated by NASA for the performance and durability and mounted on the Rover (nickname: Curiosity), a Mars rover.

  • Heaters for High Temperature

    Our sheathed heaters for high temperature allow continuous operation up to at 900°C of the heater surface realized by our manufacturing method and materials, which other companies do not have. The temperature control of our heaters is easier than lamp heaters so that they contribute to improving line speed, batch count, and other manufacturing capabilities.

  • Compensating Cables

    Highly accurate temperature setting and control have been required along with the progress of automation in various industries. We manufacture various compensating cables with high reliability under our consistent quality management system from core wire to coating, which quickly respond to highly accurate temperature measurement and control in the chemical industry/petrochemical industry/petroleum refining/thermal power generation/atomic power generation/steel industries.

  • MI Cables

    Economical MI cables with high reliability; in Japan, we are the only manuufacturer that manifuctures the cables from raw materials consistently in our own facilities by our unique technologies. They can be bent and wound in a coil shape and soldered with silver or welded.

  • SIL-Compliant Product (Functional Safety IEC 61508)

    In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for SIL compliance for the purpose of safety assurance and cost reduction for global users and plants that are subject to strict safety management. We can offer SIL-compliant products that can meet your requirements. Here are some typical advantages of SIL-compliant products :

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