Sheathed Heaters

Sheathed heaters are economical heaters with high reliability, which can supply heat of high temperature with very quick response, which is unavailable with conventional heaters. The metal sheathed part can be bent, welded, soldered with silver alloy, or cast into a metal block.
The sheathed material is made of stainless steel or NCF (equivalent to Inconel) with high heat/corrosion-resistance.

Sheathed Heaters image


Sheathed heaters have a heat generating body (nickel chrome wire) in a metal sheath, and the gap is firmly packed with powder of an highly-pure inorganic insulator. Therefore, the heat generating wire is completely insulated from air and gas so that the heater has less oxidation and corrosion and longer product life, and is more economical with high heat efficiency than the ones with naked wires.


In comparison to conventional heaters, the sheathed heater has the following features.

  • 1.Wider Application Range

    Since the sheathed heater can be easily attached/detached and the sheath can be bent to arbitrary forms, you can attach the sheathed heater to a complicated place where you have to bend the heater. In addition, we can design the heater as per your order according to the shape of the target to be heated and required heat amount.

  • 2.Direct Heating Available

    Since the sheathed heater has a heat generating body in a metal sheath with the gap firmly filled with a highly-pure inorganic insulator, you can heat water, oil, etc. by making the heater come in direct contact with them.

  • 3.Easier Handling

    Bending processing is available up to a bend radius 2.5 times longer than the outer diameter of the sheath. Our heaters can be easily installed in various places at a site.

  • 4.Longer Product Life

    Since the heater is insulated and sealed with a chemically stable insulator, you can use the heater for a long period of time.

  • 5.Mechanical Strength/Pressure Resistance

    The heater can be used with security even in the conditions of a place with vibration, corrosive atmosphere, etc.

  • 6.Outer Diameter of Sheath Available

    We can manufacture the sheath with the outer diameter of 6.0 to 30 mm.



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