Branch/Sales Office

Sales Department

Okazaki Manufacturing Company has an Eastern Japan Sales Division, Central Japan Sales Division and Western Japan Sales Division and each division has branches. Furthermore, we have an International Division as a Sales Division for overseas. All domestic sales bases have acquired ISO9001 certification.

Manufacturing Department

Okazaki Manufacturing Company imported thermocouples and bimetals from the U.S.A. and sold them as a trading company on establishment in 1954. Then we became a manufacturer, started manufacturing temperature sensors and industrial heaters and reached our current business operations. We have a headquarters factory, three factories in Kobe City and two factories in the Kyushu area. All domestic factories have acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Overseas Base

ARi Company in the U.S.A. is the largest among our overseas bases. We acquired the company as our subsidiary in 1980; however, as a long standing company for MI cables, they manufacture excellent products such as sheathed WRe thermocouples as a sales base in North and South America. We have a wholly-owned subsidiary company in the UK addressing the whole areas in Europe and the Middle East. We have a sheath-dedicated factory in Taiwan, which functions as a manufacturing base for MI cables for overseas.

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